Marriottsville Ridge Farm Boarding Program

Full Board

Horses on full board enjoy daily turnout. They are fed two-to-three times a day and given supplements as needed. They are checked over for any kind of problems when they are brought into the barn at feeding time. Blanketing is at management’s discretion.

Field Board (Barn-Side)

Barn-side field board horses are cared for exactly the same way as full-board horses with the exception of time in a stall. They are checked over at feedings for any kind of problems (loose shoes, injuries, etc.). Twice-daily feeding and supplements are given as needed. All horses have access to shelter at all times.

Field Board

Traditional field board offers automatic waterers, run-in sheds, and hay in the winter.

Boarding Rates

Boarding rates below require that boarders participate in a minumum of four lessons per month. (See exception for non-participant field board.)

Monthly Rates
Full Board
Field Board (Barn-Side)
Field Board
Field Board (Non-Participant)
* Private and semi-private turnout are available for an additional fee.
Note: Blanketing is at the management’s discretion. Medications, layups, and other special needs are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.